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U.S. Educational Group (USEG) partners with U.S. Colleges, Universities, Private High Schools, and English Language Centers to recruit qualified students from the Middle East, North Africa, Russia, and Asia. A leader in student outreach fairs, USEG has conducted highly successful tours for the last 20 years bringing in more than 20,000 students to its fairs annually.

Our successful fairs are due to the caliber of universities and colleges that participate and our strong dedication to marketing, planning, and extensive knowledge and experience in the Middle East and Asia.

USEG is partnered with Sunrise International to power the marketing of the fairs allowing the tour to hold true to the USEG tour legacy of deep in-country insight and first-in-class recruitment events. This tour will focus on tier-2 cities, as these destinations represent an untapped opportunity to reach prospective students to the United States.


2017 Fall Fair Schedule
Recruit students from Middle East



2017 Fall Fair Schedule
Recruit students from China


2017 Fall Fair Schedule
Recruit students from Russia



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USEG is the leader in Middle East recruitment. Joseph Humadi makes every effort in planning an effective tour that has resulted in various deposits and enrollments from new markets for VA Tech. Highly recommended!

Juan P. Espinoza

Director of Diversity and Access Initiatives Enrollment Management, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Virginia Tech

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