Our Spring Tour has been postponed.

Hefei, China
Nanchang, China
Changsha, China

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Sunrise International

The USEG-Sunrise Tour is a carefully planned program directed at colleges and universities in the United States wishing to build long-lasting connections with Chinese students by traveling to China and visiting their schools directly.

Student engagement is the best way to reach Chinese students and build long-term connections with overseas high schools. During the tour, university representatives receive the opportunity to engage with thousands of students from various areas in China. We incorporate a variety of events into our tours to ensure maximum engagement, including school visits, partner meet-ups, and private expos. Our events are interactive, engaging, and fun—for both students and university representatives.

Each city is carefully chosen to maximize student attendance. Events are attended by highly qualified students from China in the process of researching and selecting programs for undergraduate, graduate, professional degrees from colleges and universities in the United States.

For registration, please visit: www.usegsunrisetour.com


What happens on a USEG-Sunrise Tour?


Full Tour Participation Fee: (All 3 Cities) $6,500
China Hotels (7 nights): $1,063
China Domestic Transportation: $135, including 2 high-speed trains.

Tour cost is not inclusive of airfare or hotel.
All invoices for tour participation must be paid prior to leaving the United States.

Hefei, China
The Westin Hefei Baohe
2 Nights
Nanchang, China
Sheraton Nanchang Hotel
2 Nights
Changsha, China
Changsha Sheraton Hotel
3 Nights

  • USEG-Sunrise makes all hotel reservations in first-class hotels, all of which have the necessary business amenities.
  • Tour cost is not inclusive of airfare or hotel.
  • If, for any reason, you cannot join the full tour and you still want to participate in some of the activities, please contact us directly.
  • All invoices for tour participation must be paid prior to leaving the United States.

For U.S. passport holders, visas are required for China.
Attendees needing assistance with the visa application can contact USEG-Sunrise for the details.
Joseph Humadi
Phone: 617.923.6024
Email: jhumadi@usegtours.com

Our in-house team of designers and editors will collaborate to represent your institution, ensuring that design and branding complement one another, to guarantee that the content is meaningful and attractive for interested students and parents.

Expanding your institution into China does not need to be difficult. We assist our clients in building a respectable presence in the Chinese market by offering a variety of services:

  • A landing page with a local Chinese server and domain
  • Mandarin brochures development
  • Mandarin targeted flyers design
  • Social Media Management (WeChat or Weibo)
  • Post-Tour Follow-Up Package

Hefei, China

Hefei, China

April 12 – 14

Nanchang, China

Nanchang, China

April 15 – 16

Changsha, China

Changsha, China

April 17