China Student Recruitment Fair

Spring, 2018



May 8-9
May 10
May 11-12
May 13
May 14-15
May 16

Registration closes April 8, 2018

  • Registration fees do not include airfare or hotel
  • All invoices for fair participation must be paid prior to leaving the United States

USEG is partnered with Sunrise International, to power the marketing of the fairs allowing the tour to hold true to the USEG tour legacy of deep in-country insight and first-in-class recruitment events. This tour will focus on tier-2 cities, as these destinations represent an untapped opportunity to reach prospective students to the United States.

Sunrise InternationalThe fairs are attended by highly qualified students looking for undergraduate, graduate, professional degrees as well as English Language training.

For registration, please visit: 

Zhengzhou, China

May 8 & 9

Chongqing, China

May 13

Dalian, China

May 10

Chengdu, China

May 14 & 15

Tianjin, China

May 11 & 12

Lanzhou, China

May 16

US Educational Group is an industry leader when it comes to connecting universities and colleges to high school students. Founder, Joseph Humadi takes care of every tour detail, so international admissions officers can focus on effective recruiting. Joseph does the right market research to match colleges with the right high schools. No other organization makes international recruiting easier or more fun! Wendy Lynn Fritz, Ed.D

Interim Associate Director, International Education, SUNY-Brockport

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